About Tura

Classically trained in both goldsmithing and fine art, Tura Sugden has a unique approach to fine jewelry design and a traditionally rooted execution. She draws upon her experiences - seven years apprenticing and studying advanced techniques in Belgium, Maine, Tennessee, Kansas and California and earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008 - and now operates a modern atelier, melding old world goldsmithing with a contemporary point of view.

Using generations-old hand building techniques, each setting is crafted from solid gold. Rolled, pulled, extruded, sawn, filed, sanded, soldered, and cut until each stone has a protective space. The studio produces only one-of-a-kind and small-production collections, with an emphasis on sustainable and responsible practices.

Inspired by the bones of construction, classic silhouettes are redefined with signature settings and uniquely curated gemstones. It is a collection of essentials and heirlooms, romance and luxury, built by hand and born of tradition, thoughtfully produced using recycled gold and ethically sourced diamonds.