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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. The earth is good to us, and we believe in respecting the earth in every way that we can. Our studio consults with an environmentalist to ensure safety and environmental responsibility in our workspace. Tura Sugden has been recognized as a Green Business by San Francisco. 



We use only recycled and Fairmined gold and platinum, both purchased from a responsible source and recycled directly in our San Francisco studio.



We are committed to working ethically, safely, and responsibly in the studio. We minimize the use of harmful chemicals in the environment via a specialized air ventilation system to reduce fumes, allergens and airborne particulates. We use only the highest rated hand made HEPA/Charcaol filters.



Our goal is zero waste. We recycle, compost, and reuse what we can.



We are based in drought-prone California so water conservation is especially important to us. The studio uses less than a gallon of water per day.



Our studio is illuminated by low-energy LEDs and each bench has its own remote-controlled power system to ensure that the entire studio is offline at the end of each day. 



We buy only compostable Green Line bags for shipping and packaging. We're working on finding the perfect 100% recycled packaging material for gift boxes - stay tuned!



We’ve eliminated harsh chemicals and use only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products in our studio space.