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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our studio consults with an environmentalist to ensure safety and environmental responsibility in our workspace from top to bottom, and we’ve been recognized as a Green Business by San Francisco. And you can be sure this is just the start.

Learn about our sustainable approach

Our pieces are made with recycled gold and platinum, both of which we purchase from a certified and responsible source that’s monitored by the Responsible Jewelry Council. 

We use a specialized air ventilation system that reduces fumes, allergens and airborne particulates with highly rated handmade HEPA/Charcoal filters.

Our goal is zero waste, so we always recycle, compost, and reuse what we can. For necessary evils, we make sure to use recycled materials for supplies and packaging.

Water Conservation
Since we’re based in drought-prone California, water conservation is especially important to us. Collectively, our studio uses less than a gallon of water per day. 

Energy Efficiency
Our studio is illuminated by low-energy LEDs and each workbench has its own remote-controlled power system to ensure no power is lost when unused.

We buy only compostable Green Line bags for shipping and packaging. We’re working on finding the perfect 100% recycled packaging material for gift boxes - stay tuned!

Cleaning Products
We’ve eliminated harsh chemicals and use only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products in our studio space.

All of the diamonds we offer are conflict-free, regulated by the Kimberly Process which has minimized the distribution of conflict diamonds in the United States.

Although well-intentioned, the Kimberly Process is imperfect. It doesn’t address human rights abuses and the environmental degradation caused by the diamond mining industry. That’s why we seek out certified post-consumer, antique, Canadian, and Australian diamonds in addition to our conflict-free offerings.

We buy our diamonds and colored stones exclusively from a handful of trusted dealers who specialize in conflict-free, recycled, and antique stones. Our goal is to create a short supply chain from the mine to our studio. Because diamonds should pass through as few hands as possible.

Our industry is imperfect, but we remain committed to offsetting what we can’t control by supporting systems that we believe in, like purchasing recycled diamonds and gold. If you have questions or suggestions about how we can improve our sourcing we invite you to contact the studio.
If you would like us to help you find the perfect gemstone, please read more about Stone Sourcing.

Tura Sugden has been recognized as a Green Business by San Francisco.

This certification is awarded only to organizations meeting high environmental standards. If you’d like to know more about our studio’s commitment to sustainability you can learn more here.

The SF Green Business Program is a member of the California Green Business Network and is administered by SF Environment. To learn more about the Green Business program you can head over to www.SFenvironment.org.