All of the diamonds we offer are conflict-free, regulated by the Kimberly Process which has minimized the distribution of conflict diamonds in the United States. Although well-intentioned, the Kimberly Process is imperfect. It doesn’t address human rights abuses and the environmental degradation caused by the diamond mining industry. That’s why we seek out certified post-consumer, antique, Canadian, and Australian diamonds in addition to our conflict-free offerings. 

We buy our diamonds and colored stones exclusively from a handful of trusted dealers who purchase and cut their own rough stones, which creates an ideal short supply chain from mine to market. 

Our industry is imperfect, but we remain committed to offsetting what we can’t control by supporting systems that we believe in, like purchasing recycled diamonds and gold. If you have questions or suggestions about how we can improve our sourcing we invite you to contact the studio.

If you would like us to help you find the perfect gemstone, please read more about Stone Sourcing